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Perceived Heat

Each pepper has some “zing” to it, but with nature’s uniquely calibrated mouthwatering heat. We’ve honed into the delicate variants and fused them into a balanced system.

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Onset Velocity

Ever notice how different spices will hit you at different moments? We carefully balanced the onset to make sure you enjoy every second.

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While good things never last (especially our products), the Three Kings flavor will permeate your taste buds just long enough until you get your next hit. 

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Scoville Science and Signature Spicy Profiles

The notorious super-hot pepper varieties all achieve blinding and exhilarating heat. While many cultivars have similarly high average SHU* (*The “Scoville Heat Unit” (SHU) is the standard accepted measure of a hot pepper’s heat.) values, each strain has a unique flavor and heat progression profile of its own.

Taken at full strength, the un-indoctrinated may be too overwhelmed to differentiate between peppers. However, taken in measured doses, tuned to the user’s tolerance and heat preferences, the differences are palpable and delightful.

Through experimentation, we found and mapped out compelling flavors that are well suited to creating a heat experience that’s both textured and temporal.

The Three Kings

Ghost Pepper - Firecracker Farm Image

Ghost Pepper

1,040,000+ SHU of robust, fruity heat that spreads quickly then rests evenly on the palette, accentuating flavors and textures while incinerating tension away into the ether.

Reaper Pepper - Firecracker Farm Image

Reaper Pepper

2,200,000+ SHU of pungent floral aroma strikes immediately and drives stabbing, sharp heat to its violent peak intensity in an instant and then quietly tapers into a crucible of delirium.

Scorpion Pepper - Firecracker Farm Image

Scorpion Pepper

1,800,000+ SHU of sweet, earthy flavor with saturated depth, and a swelling, relentless sting that builds steadily, then smolders and chars throughout the body, bringing agony induced euphoria.

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Firecracker Farm - Blending the Three Signature Profiles Image

Blending the Three Signature Profiles

The Three Kings secret blend is then carefully infused through our proprietary handcrafted process, and every batch inspected (tasted) to ensure the highest quality product ends up at your door.

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. We promise - and if you’ve read this far and aren’t convinced, we’ll put our money where our mouth is and send you a sample.

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